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Blogging for SEO

Should I still be blogging for SEO?

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Blogging for SEO
It was well known for years that acquiring links to your website was going to give you a favorable ranking on Google. That has changed over the years due to many factors, as have many seo trends from years past. but there has been one consistent for a great shot at Google SEO and a high page rank, Blogging. Yup I know it sounds like an old way of doing business and nobody likes the thought of having to sit down and write 500-600 word articles and load them with keywords back links images etc. But even in 2016 adding a Blog to your site or creating an off site Blog and linking to it will benefit your website's seo greatly.

The first blogs appeared in the 1990's, however there have been some blogging platforms that have appeared more recently that are gaining a lot of attention.

Blogging as we see it has two different functions. The first function is to engage readers and create interest in whatever you are trying to say. If you are a fashion designer or an online retailer you would probably like to have visitors to your blog have them sharing and engaging and gaining viewers as your business grows.

The 2nd purpose for blogging is the SEO factor. Blogging is a great way to create fresh content something Google itself says is a key factor in SEO and page rank. In other words your blog can act as a promotional tool for engaging readers but it is also a great way to engage the search engine spiders, and obtain higher page rank than your customers.

Creating a blog is easy and there are a lot of platforms as we mentioned earlier, Blogging platforms like Blogger from Google, or Medium which is a daily destination for millions of bloggers creating fresh content daily. So what are the key metrics that are going to have the best chance of engaging viewers and search engines alike?

1. Length, is bigger better? Want more shares on social media? Aim for medium length blog posts between 600 to 1,250 words.

2. Graphics. Good clean sharp images can keep readers engaged it also helps spiders determine the topic and relevancy of your blog as it relates to your website topics. Always make sure to tag images with relevant keywords and descriptions.

Minneapolis SEO, SEO Services, SEO Minneapolis, Local SEO
Blogging as part of an SEO campaign
3. Ask a question. Asking questions keeps users involved. It may not have a lot of benefit for search engines but it is possible that a fair amount of sharing and positive acknowledgement can be  boost for your seo.

4. Comments? Comments are more than likely going to be fazed out in the coming years. There is a lot of opportunities for spammers to clutter up your blog. Utilizing signatures in blog comments used to be an SEO boost but it is now frowned upon and may even be a net negative.

You have to remember that Google’s whole purpose is to provide their customers with relevant and useful search results. Everything they do is built around the premise. Blogging can show google that you are serious about providing users and spiders fresh relevant content.

If you are interested in boosting your seo by blogging but your not sure if you have the patience to write articles 2 or more times per week hire a company like Results Business Marketing, SEO professional that understand search engine algorithms.

Results Business Marketing
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Minneapolis SEO, SEO Services, SEO Minneapolis, Local SEO

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