Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SEO for Retail Stores

How Retail Stores Can Use SEO services to Increase Sales

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SEO for Retail

Retail store owners want to ensure sure they can be found when consumers search online for a place to grab a gift or purchase a much needed item.. The goal of local search engine optimization (SEO) is to get businesses in front of those local searchers before they make a purchase, at the very moment they are trying to make a purchasing decision

Local organic SEO increases search visibility and ultimately drives motivated buyers into purchasing decisions. 

Local SEO can have a high return on investment compared to other marketing investments when utilized correctly. A survey done recently found 54 percent of marketers surveyed said local SEO positively impacted their businesses.
Businesses that hire local SEO agencies see a return in the form of in-store sales.
There are many factors that go into local SEO rankings, including directory citations, on-page signals, on-page optimization and local reviews. Businesses looking to make an impact should start their local SEO strategy in directory syndication and search engine listing management.

In the end hiring an experienced firm to help shape your seo efforts can speed things along considerably.
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You can go it alone or you can utilize a professional service. Ultimitley it's your choice. As a retail shop owner the decisions you make will directly effect your bottom line and focusing at least a part of your efforts on SEO could make a huge difference.

The three biggest search engines — Google, Yahoo! and Bing — all have their own, unique local listing opportunity for businesses. Claiming a listing on each of these sites can improve local visibility for businesses when users conduct local searches.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SEO for you Business White Hat vs Black Hat

Search Engine optimization (SEO) is an integral a part of on-line promoting and typically means the distinction between success and failure for any business trying to promote online.

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As such, people and organizations are usually seeking new ways to raise their SEO efforts and to realize the specified results as quickly as possible. The results being an increase in organic traffic and increased SERP results for targeted keywords.


The fundamental distinction between Black Hat associated and White Hat SEO lies in how an SEO skilled professional conducts his/hers back linking strategy. Black Hat SEO hunts for the fast and forever wrong approach that gets you punished. White Hat SEO approach appearance at the long run approach that will not get you punished (presumably).

Black Hat SEO vs. White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO includes all the simplest appicationsdesigned upon proven ways that are compliant with search engine regulations utilized by web site homeowners to realize higher rankings on SERPs.
Black Hat SEO, on the opposite hand, as you would possibly guess, is the opposite. Deception is usually utilized, mistreatment of the system  that are usually frowned upon by search engines and contrary to their pointers so as to reinforce a website’s rankings. Black Hat practices forever get caught in the end.

Major Variations
• Compliance: Black Hat SEO involves techniques that area unfit and unethical by search engines, whereas White Hat SEO techniques stick to the rules and embody no deception.
• Approval: White Hat SEO is approved by all search engines, whereas Black Hat isn't.
• Consequence: The results of partaking in Black Hat SEO is that the web site might get punished with lower rankings, de-indexed, and would possibly even be illegal, and these penalties last for an extended time and are extremly difficult to recover from.
 • Methods: wherever White Hat SEO includes techniques like analysis, quality content, web design, and relevant meta tags. Black Hat SEO always comprises of journal comment spam, link farming, keyword stuffing, hidden links, and cloaked pages.
One has got to be surprised why folks still insist upon trying to implement Black Hat SEO since the penalties implemented are so severe.
Black Hat SEO Techniques = Severe Penalties from Search Engines
The answer lies within the perceived effectiveness of every technique. it's usually in agreement that White Hat ways take an extended time to truly deliver results which is why folks area unit tempted to use riskier ways.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SEO is important in Mpls and across the US

Minneapolis SEO is important, Minneapolis is a competitive business market

Why is it important to keep up to date on the seo techniques necessary to keep your business ranked on SERP's? (search engine results pages)

1. Your competition is. Your competition may be doing their own seo, or they may have hired a firm to help in this area. If you are out on the golf course praying customers find your website chances are you may not be selling as much as your competition.

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2. Search Engines don't care who is on top. It's true. That's why google will never call your business. There are so many sites out there and so many people searching for products and services search engines will be just fine with or without you. Search engines make their money from advertising and selling ppc accounts (pay per click). Our company focuses on organic search results

3. Every couple of months the search engines change up their search algorhythms. That is the criteria they use for ranking websites and who's on top changes you may wake up tomorrow and not be listed where you were yesterday. Frustrating yes but it also shakes out the folks using black hat seo. If you are not on top of your seo you may become a victim of a search engine update.
Essentially it comes down to this. if you launch a website and just expect it to gain attention you will be disappointed. If you don't do something more to make sure your site is getting attention it's your fault not google bing or yahoo's. Business is competitive why should I shop at your store and not one like it nearby? seo makes you stand out by providing concise information to customers that have very little time to make decisions.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SEO For video get ranked faster

SEO and How to Rank on the First Page of Google Through Videos

Don’t you wish there was a way to land on the first page of search results that didn’t involve the back-breaking work of traditional SEO? Studies have shown that videos were over 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results as part of the blended results.


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Step #1: Upload videos directly to YouTube
While it won’t guarantee first-page results, you can be certain that Google will
index your video if you upload it to YouTube.

Step #2: Embed the video onto your website
Embedding videos onto your website will help get the videos more views.
This is pretty simple to do if you are using a do it yourself website editor or you can
have your webmaster add it fir you.

Step #3: Embed videos on pages with text
This is very important as the text will give search engine spiders an idea of what your
site is all about.

Step #4: Create a video sitemap
Info on how to do this cn be found on google webmaster tools.

Step #5: Focus on long-tail keywords
The video title is important. It is what Google is most interested in when it comes to the
term that is being used for a search. In other words, the title and search term need to match
your video title.

Step #6: Create a YouTube channel
If you don’t already have one, create a YouTube channel. Make sure you create a channel name that is
related to your industry. You can even go as far as creating a channel name that has your keyword in it.

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One advantage you have with videos over conventional SEO is that it is easier to get a YouTube video to rank on page 1 than it is to get a website to rank.


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