Monday, September 28, 2015

Local SEO for Plumbers

The Yellow Pages Are Like Rotary Telephones: Yesterday.  SEO is today. Local SEO is more important than ever

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Local SEO
The Internet & search engines are central to the continuing growth and sustainability of all business. It used to be that the first place your prospect looked when they needed a plumber was the Yellow Pages. In today’s world, very few people still use the printed Yellow Pages. More to the point, the new generation has never even used the Yellow Pages and only knows the Internet as the way to search for local businesses.

SEO can prove to be a cost effective way to market their services across masses. SEO services for plumbers not only aims at getting top ranks for keywords such as “Plumbers in Saint Paul” or “Plumbing Contractors in Stillwater” but also improves overall visibility of business through a number of third party references over the web.

As plumbing is a localized business it is advised to target location specific keywords which can generate high web traffic. As a part of SEO process, the first step is to get listed on top local business directories under category of Plumbers or Plumbing (whichever is available) Some of the local business listing directories ask for phone or postcard verification, which is a must to make your listing live. Once you are live on prominent local business directories, the next step is to keep your website updated with latest information, industry news, local events etc. This is a great place to start but not by any means the end.

With there being so many plumbers and plumbing companies all trying to attract new clients who are looking for a professional and reliable company to help, it is really important that plumbers and plumbing companies looking to promote themselves online use an SEO company who are experts in local SEO

3 Musts for local SEO
Content: Keeping Today’s Search Engines Happy
Search engines are focusing more than ever on semantic search — conversational or natural search results that match the way people talk.

Social: Driving Traffic from Social Media and Boosting Your Social Signal
Social authority is one of the important ingredients in the Hummingbird algorithm. The more people are talking about your business, the higher your credibility  and visibility to search engines and increasing your ranking in search engine results pages.

Analytics: Driving Return on Investment
 As every marketer knows, an effective campaign is practically useless when you don’t know why it was effective. Detailed analytics are a must for any SEO strategy today — you need to know where your visitors come from, what they do on your site, and how you can best follow up to convert them into customers.
SEO for businesses that are more likely to operate in a local environment are going to benefit from effective local SEO. Hire a professional firm like Results Business Marketing a firm that works with local businesses everyday.

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SEO, Local SEO, SEO Services, Mpls SEO, SEO Mpls, Minneapolis SEO, SEO Services Minnesota, SEO for Local Businesses

Monday, September 21, 2015

Honest SEO Practices

Creating SEO optimized content is really hard work if you don’t understand the criteria used by Google when it comes to SEO content. It can drive you crazy. Creating dozens of fresh blog pages and producing fresh content but you are still not dominating Google SERP’s.

Local SEO

Patience and consistency are key in properly dominating Google SERP’s. There are a lot of programs, and if you use Word Press plug in’s that claim by purchasing them you can automate your SEO and be the top dog on all major search engines.

Don’t be fooled it is not easy and it takes hard work. Google has over 230 formulas that are built into their search ranking algorithms.If you think there is a shortcut you have to understand that Google, Yahoo, Bing employee very smart people that know there are people out there trying to game their system. It would be worth millions if you could come up with an electronic system that would automate SEO for the long term. Mind you there are systems out there and they probably do work....for the short term. Once it is discovered you are utilizing these systems you face penalties that will stop yu in your tracks and you will have to pay someone a pile of money to get those penalties reversed.

Ironically the same folks selling automated systems also sell penalty reversal systems funny eh?

Like any venture in life if you take an honest slow and steady approach you will be rewarded with long term

Are you optimized for mobile? currently 67% of search is mobile. Search Engines are always adjusting their systems to respond to how the public is utilizing search, mobile is the latest significant change the search engine companies are responding to.

Local SEO Services
Are the images on your website tagged with keywords that relate to your website content?. Contrary to some teachings images tagged properly will still play a role in search engine results. If you can imagine your website as a blanket and you hold that blanket up to the light where you see pattern is where you would have content. Where you see holes and light is where your images are with no tags. an untagged image is a missed opportunity for a search engine spider to categorize your site related to your content.

Don't keyword overstuff. Don’t create SEO Optimized content by only repeating your target keywords every where on the post. Keep in mind to focus on delivering value to your reader. If they like your post, the will more likely share it to wider audience. Google is clever enough to rank higher – or ban – your websiteif you are perceived to be keyword stuffing. In the old days webmasters used to add dozens of relevant keywords to their sites and then mask them by making the text the same color as the site background, making them invisible toy the viewer but read by search engine spiders. This is easily detected now and you will be penalized.

These are just a few things to consider when working on your site and making it search engine friendly. If you are in need of help optimizing your website contact a professional SEO firm like Results Business Marketing. You can save time and headaches by hiring a professional Search Engine Marketing Company.

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