Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SEO's most important facts!!

SEO is often confusing and misunderstood but sooooo important to businesses conducting sales or promotions online. Here are 3 things all online business owners should know.

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Traditional Marketing Is Outdated
Remember when the Yellow Pages brought phone calls and visits to your business? Today, most people haven’t looked in the Yellow Pages for years. In fact, you have to ask for the Yellow Pages from your phone company in many cities. Similarly, radio and television spots are less and less effective as marketing tools, since most potential customers have hundreds of choices when it comes to what they listen or watch. Newspaper and magazine ads? Newspapers and magazines are disappearing, as their advertising revenues drop. Old-school marketing simply doesn’t do the job in this Internet age. Why spend your marketing dollars on strategies that don’t work?

If You’re Not Near the Top, You’re Nowhere
Along with fast access to information, the Internet has also created an impatient audience that expects to find what they want right away. When people search, using keywords and phrases, only the websites on the first page of search results get their attention. What that means to your business is that if your website doesn’t appear on that first page of search results for a variety of keywords and phrases, your website might as well not exist. Nobody’s going to see it or click on it. Search engine optimization is the tool that gets your website on that first page, and only effective, expertly-implemented SEO can do the job.

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Expertise, Experience, & Excellence in SEO for Minnesota
As the most trusted search engine optimization company in Minneapolis St. Paul, we know that your business success depends on your search engine rankings. Through years of extensive research and experience, we’ve gained a deep understanding of how today’s search engines rank websites. Similar research and experience gives us an excellent understanding of how Internet users choose keywords and phrases for their searches. We use that hard-earned knowledge to optimize your website effectively to produce the top rankings we’re well-known for. We consistently achieve rankings high on the first page of search results for our clients for a variety of keywords and phrases that are actually used by potential customers and clients. We have worked in many industries, including real estate, consumer products & services, law, medicine and more, Contact us today for a free, no-obligation analysis of your current website. Let us give you the critical information you need and the top-quality SEO services that will produce real results you can see.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

SEO for Local Businesses

Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company | SEO Services | SEMYou should already know how to optimize your website for SEO, and if you don't, there are a ton of awesome posts online to learn from. When you're working on your optimizations, there are some important elements that you need to concentrate on for Local SEO. These elements are extremely important on your landing pages for your Google Plus Local listings (more commonly known now as "Google My Business Places Plus Local For Business"). If your business has multiple locations, you should have a unique location landing page for each Google Plus Local listing. you're dealing with a single location, then we're talking about your home page - but these elements should also be locally optimized on product and services pages. 

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  1. City and state in the title tag. Arguably one of the most important places to include city/state information. We've seen many small businesses jump up in local rankings from this alone.
  2. City and state in H1 heading. Hold on, don't interrupt. I know it doesn't HAVE to be an H1 heading... So whatever heading you've got on the page, it's important to also have your city/state info included.
  3. City and state in URL. Obviously, this can't happen on your home page, but on other pages, including the city/state info in the URL can be a powerful signal of local relevance.
  4. City and state in content. Clearly, it's important to include your city/state info in your content.
  5. City and state in alt tags. We see far too many local business sites that don't even use alt text on their images. Make sure you've got alt text on all your images, and make sure that you're including city/state info in your alt text.
Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company | SEO Services | SEMWhile they're not the silver bullet for rankings that they used to be, they're still an important signal for local relevancy.

Reviews are an integral part of Local SEO, but they're also vital for local clickthroughs. Now that Google displays reviews in an isolated popup (instead of taking you to the locations Google Plus Local page), users will read your reviews before they see any other information about your business.

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