Monday, November 17, 2014

SEO and Secure website practices

Any website anywhere can be hacked at any time.

The work you’ve put into optimizing a site is all for naught if a black hat compromises your site security and derails the traffic you’ve fought for.
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In terms of SEO, a common damage a hacker can do is inject code into your site in order to steal traffic or even to harm your site. Such black hat practices often result in your own site losing ranking or earning malware warnings which will certainly dissuade potential visitors from proceeding to your site.

“You need to be really, really careful,” says our SEO expert.  “Hackers can install bad links onto your site that no one can see. But the search engines will see the bad links and the  site owner could be penalized.”

When a hacker installs bad links on a site, he does so in an effort to make money by stealing your traffic.
Here are some tips to keep an eye out for.

1. Keep SEO Intact Through Vigilance

Pay a lot of attention to your website to see if it’s behaving in strange ways,”  “If you really want to analyze SEO, you have to consider redirects or hidden links.”
That means you have to regularly check your website for breaches of site security.  “If you own a website, you are ultimately the person responsible for the integrity of that website and you have an obligation to periodically check against intruders,”A significant danger to a site, in terms of SEO, is when a hacker injects links into a website. That's can lead to big trouble down the road.

2. Be Aware of Vulnerabilities

We have seen a lot of sites be compromised through plugins.
“In WordPress, you can install modifications,”  “When you install modifications on WordPress, WordPress keeps track of them and automatically looks for updates. However, some of the modifications in turn use other modifications and those secondary modifications don’t make it into WordPress’ automatic update list.”
Site owners, therefore, need to stay on top of secondary updates. By keeping plugins up-to-date, any known security holes you may have will be patched, and therefore, your site is protected (for the time being, at least; hackers will always be on the lookout for a fresh vulnerability).
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3. Touch Base with Webmaster Tools

Within the ever-helpful Google Webmaster Tools, site owners can verify ownership of their sites and manage who is authorized to modify their sites. Here, site owners can also monitor their sites’ settings to make sure no unwanted changes have been made.

These are just 3 top tips to ponder. In this day and age you must stay vigilante and be defensive. It's kinda like driving defensive drivershave a lesser chance of accidents, and you will have less of a chance of becoming a victim of an online scam.

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