Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Targeted SEO for Law Firms


What’s Your Law Firm's SEO Problem? 

Not enough business? Do you get calls that are not related to your area of expertise? If you are an attorney that specializes in trusts and wills, a criminal defense call is probably just wasting your time.
Targeted SEO and search engine marketing are essential to get you the calls you are looking for. Your SEO program should be targeting the area of law you specialize in. Keywords, Image Tags, Articles, Search engine directory submissions you name it they should all point your website in the direction of the customers you are trying to reach.

Article Writing or Blogging is key to getting targeted customers to your doorstep. I understand that sounds like a daunting task with all the work it takes to build your practice daily when do you have time to write a 1000 word Blog article? The truth is Lawyers don’t have time to write three 1000+ word articles per week, and even the best writers don’t know the law as well as attorneys.That's where we come in we don't have to know the word of the laws, we just understand how to use Blogging and keywords to get search engines to recognize and rank your site on top.

SEO for Attorney's
New findings from online ad network Chitika confirm it's anything but lonely at the top. According to the study, the top listing in Google's organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic, compared to 18 percent for the second position, and the traffic only degrades from there.

Being on page 2 or 3 is just not good enough. Results Business Marketing has been ranking businesses on page 1 of Google for years. Our targeted techniques start with a %100 free analysis of your current website. In most cases we can work with what you currently have. Very seldom do we recommend a rebuild of your current site.

From there we discuss your firms goals and specialties. If hired we go to work that same day to get you the SEO results you are looking for. We can even be made part of your social media team so we can enhance your social media profiles to build brand awareness.

When your law firm partners with a Professional SEO  firm like Results Business Marketing you can focus on your day to day business while we focus on your day to day marketing and promotional efforts.

Contact Results Business Marketing Today!! We can help your Legal Practice grow.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Direct Mail Marketing, tips to make it work for you

What is Direct Mail Marketing? Direct mail marketing is a perfect opportunity to get your company's name in the hands of customers who want to hear about your latest products, services, and coupons.

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SEO, Direct Mail and Web
Recently there have been huge improvements in the direct mail process. Increased research abilities to target businesses for b2b mailing is amazingly accurate. The USPS every door direct program allows businesses to target homeowners or perspective customers down to neighborhoods within zip codes. this type of targeted marketing can increase conversions for businesses with great accuracy.
1. Understanding Your Target Customers 
Knowing about your best customers is a key factor in targeted direct mail marketing. Knowing the customers' basic demographics, such as males 18 to 34 or females with children, is a start. However, a more complete understanding of your customer's profile like their shopping and purchasing behavior in other categories; their attitudes toward trends, products, marketing and media; or their lifestyle habits can help you become even more effective in both your lead selection and the messages you'll use in communicating with the leads.
2. Open With a Proposition

“Consumers have short attention spans. Instead of building excitement toward your value proposition, just open with it. This will attract the recipient’s attention and force you, the sender, to see if your value proposition is worth sending to potential customers.”

3. Provide Value 

“Most direct mail pieces deserve the moniker of “junk mail.” To make sure yours stands out from the crowd, you must deliver some kind of real value that transcends your brand message. There are so many creative things you can do that are cheap: Deliver curated content, use creative techniques (such as punch-outs or folds) to make something that consumers can use or write witty copy. Be boldly creative!” 

SEO Services, Minneapolis SEO, Direct Mail Co's, Every Door Direct, USPS, Mpls SEO
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4. Sell Solutions to Problems, Not Products

No one cares about your widgets. What they care about are their own needs and wants. Bob doesn’t want a drill, he wants a hole. Mary doesn’t want a dress, she wants to look thin at the party this Friday. Alice doesn’t want an investment newsletter, she wants to find a great investment that will let her retire at 45. Ted doesn’t want a recipe book, he wants new ways to impress his friends at dinner parties and generate the compliments he thrives on.

 5. Make your calls to action! Make 'em loud and often

With direct mail marketing it's vitally important to invite response with calls to action (CTA's). Call for action at least three times. Imply the CTA in the wording of the offer (e.g. Enter to Win); follow your body copy with a CTA (e.g. call or click Today!); and in the footer or 'PS' remind them to why they don't want to forget to do it today. Make your CTA's large, bold and bright and use ample exclamation marks! Give your reader every possible vehicle to respond such as 800 #, local #, fax #, email, reply card, website or personal URL (PURL)

If you are considering a direct mail campaign give me a call at Results Business Marketing. I have successfully implemented direct mail campaigns for several years and combined with an effective SEO campaign Direct Mail get can you results.

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SEO Services, Minneapolis SEO, Direct Mail Co's, Every Door Direct, USPS, Mpls SEO