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Great Websites Need the, SEO Martian

Make Your Website Great, With Great SEO, SEM in Minneapolis, Mn

While it's possible to achieve some success using just Google Places and other platforms to market a local business, it's not possible to capture all the Web has to offer.

St Paul Mn SEO | Minneapolis MN SEO | The Best SEO | Search Engine MarketingYour website is the only web property you will fully control. You have the freedom to track and measure anything you want, and the freedom to use your website to accomplish any business objective.

Combine Keyword And Market Research for Best Minneapolis SEO

There's nothing more tragic nor costly than targeting the wrong keywords and trying to appeal to demographics that don't need your services/products.
To run a successful local Internet marketing campaign, you cannot just rely on quantitative data (keywords), you need to conduct qualitative market research. This is very important as it will reduce your risks, as well as acquisition costs if done right.
Let's start with keyword research.
Getting local keyword data has always been a challenge. Google's recent decision to withhold organic keyword data hasn't made it any easier. However, Google itself has provided us with tools to get relatively reliable keyword data for any local search campaign.
Coupled with data from SEOBook Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, and Bing's Keyword Tool, you will have plenty of data to work with.

Content And Site Architecture

Largely, your content will depend on your business objectives, brand and the results of your keyword research. The time of local brochure type sites has long passed, at least for businesses that are serious about local Internet marketing.
St Paul Mn SEO | Minneapolis MN SEO | The Best SEO | Search Engine MarketingLocal websites are no different from corporate websites when it comes to technical aspects of SEO. Performance and crawlability are very important, as well as proper optimization of titles, headings, body text etc.

In Conclusion It of course is not easy to compete with the big dogs but it can be done!!
If you want to tackle this on your own go for it. If you recognized the importance of a quality professional  relationship with a professional Minneapolis SEO Company, contact me at SEO Martian we can take our experience and make it happen for your business.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Minneapolis SEO, Minnesota SEO, SEO/SEM Services

Some Businesses need more SEO/SEM help than others but all businesses can benefit from these services in this competitive digital world.

SEO Minneapolis | SEO Minnesota |  SEO Services |  The Best SEO CompanySEO/SEM is foreign language to some completely alien to many. There is a direct correlation between companies that actively promote their online business and success and companies that just hope that their website will outrank their competition just by being online.  

It is well known that companies that consistently market and advertise outsell those that don't. Unfortunately small businesses may not have the resources of a Wal Mart or Target it is still possible to be aggressive with online marketing efforts and have an advantage.

When you launch an online business or add online shopping options to an existing business you must also be prepared to work hard to promote that new en devour. Most likely your competition has already gotten the jump on this marketplace.

Of course you can go online and research how to DIY (do it yourself) but adding a reputable SEO/SEM company to your arsenal is an faster and ultimately more cost effective way to go. A company that hs successfully promoted businesses online know what to do from day one. A good SEO/SEM comapny will do a free analysis of your website and give you some information as to the challenges that may lie ahead.
For instance:

1. What is the competition for the keywords you would like to rank for?
SEO Minneapolis | SEO Minnesota |  SEO Services |  The Best SEO Companyhow dug in is the competition? and what realistically are the chances your site can compete the way it is today.

2. How much work is going to have to be done on the site itself. This doesn't always mean a total redesign of your website but mainly just keyword tweaks page titles etc.

Although this is just a short example of the items your prospective seo/sem company should point out it is much like a diagnostic from your mechanic. WHts it going to take to get my car running at peak performance and what will it cost to fix this one vs. buying a new car. Pretty basic really.

If you are interested in a free website analysis to see where you currently stand give me a call. I have the experience to get you the information you need to make an informed decision as to what your future marketing plan should entail

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Minneapolis SEO Servcies Choose the Right Company

SEO Services | Search Engine Marketing | Minneapolis SEO |  Best SEO Company

When you are looking for the best SEO company to meet your business needs, start by looking at their past results. The best web marketing services have ranked pages consistently. They know the algorithms and update their knowledge on a daily basis. SEO is not an easy process, so you need the most knowledgeable company if you want to see results. 


We are experienced in getting websites to the front page of google. This process can get you in front of your competition and gain an advantage for your business.  An experienced SEO company can make the difference whether or not your business goals are achieved sooner than later. We have consistently ranked websites based on their keywords and we have many satisfied customers.

SEO Services | Search Engine Marketing | Minneapolis SEO |  Best SEO Company SEO Basics
Black-Hat SEO can produce quick results, and help you get to the top of search rankings within a fairly short span of time, but once the search engines detect the bad ethics adopted by a search engine optimization company it may be completely removed from the search results of major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo for good!

In simple terms, Black-Hat SEO never helps in long run, and rather puts your website at a great risk of getting banned in all major search engines – now do you think is it worth risking? (ouch!)

Furthermore, when you follow the white hat seo techniques, and build credibility in the eyes of search engines, you not only get lot of traffic, but the results stay for a long time!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Minneapolis SEO | SEO Services | Search Engine Marketing | SEO Minneapolis

Getting the Most Out of Your SEO Using Google Analytics

Are you Using Google Analytics to Track Your SEO Efforts?

Google analytics can help you understand important things about the who what where and when of your SEO/SEM efforts and it's free!!

SEO Minneapolis | SEO Services | Best SEO Services | Minneapolis SEO
1. How is your audience finding you?

Have you ever wondered how people are finding your website or blog? Does Facebook drive more visits than Pinterest? Some of your users are probably finding your site just through direct traffic, but knowing exactly how your users are arriving is powerful information! In many cases, users are arriving to your site after seeing your content on another site (social media, another blog, etc). These websites are called "referrals."

2. Where is your audience located?

Analytics allows you to see where the users who visit your site are located geographically (it will give you city/town data, but not their street address- not to worry!). Why does this report matter? Perhaps you are getting a huge number of visitors from Canada, but you don't offer shipping there. Knowing that you have an interested set of users in a specific geographic location might cause you to rethink your product distribution. Another way this report can be helpful is for bloggers trying to find the right time of day to schedule posts. Maybe you live in California and you've been scheduling your posts for 8am PST, but after using this analytics report, you realize that most of your visitors live on the east coast and respond well to posts during their commute (4:30am PST)? Knowing where your visitors are located can help you reach the people who are actively seeking your content!

3. Which content is getting viewed most often?

One of the things that I've found most interesting when looking at our analytics is the content that users spend time viewing. By clicking Behavior > Site Content > All Pages in your analytics account, you can see which pages on your site are getting the most views. Perhaps you're a fashion blogger and every now and then you do a post on recipes or entertaining. By checking out this report, you might learn that the entertaining related posts are getting viewed more than any others. Having that information might suggest that you should create more content in the entertaining vein. If you are an ecommerce site, perhaps you look at this report in analytics and realize that your "under $100" page is getting more views than any other page on your site, however, you only sell three products that fit the under $100 criteria. This could be an opportunity to carry more products in that price range.

4. Goals

What do you want users to do when they get to your site? If you have a website of any kind, there's no question that you desire your visitors to take some kind of action. Our greatest goal in terms of analytics is for users to go through the checkout process and place an order. So, one of the 'goals' we have set up in analytics is the moment a user reaches the "Thank Your For Your Order" confirmation page. Goals don't have to be ecommerce related, though. You could also create a goal for when people sign up for your mailing list, fill out a form on your site, or even reach a specific page within your site. Here's more information on how to setup goals for your analytics account

5. See who's on your site in Real Time!

Did you just send out a big email blast or share a fun post on social media? In analytics, you can see how users are responding to your content in real time! Simply click "Real Time" on the left hand navigation bar to see how many users are currently on your site, the traffic sources that referred them, which pages they're viewing, and more. This is one of my favorite features to take advantage of when we send out a big promotion or new product lunch. It allows us to monitor the success of campaigns and the pages on which users are spending the most time.

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

SEO Differences between White Hat and Black Hat SEO

The Difference Between Black Hat & White Hat SEO Techniques?

For business/website owners who aren’t tech-savvy, it’s unfortunate that SEO is such an important part of the value of your website. The reason it’s unfortunate is because it means you have to learn enough about what SEO is to understand the difference between black and white hat SEO techniques.

Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company | SEO Services | Search Engine Marketing If you don’t, you could hire the wrong provider… somebody who talks the talk and sounds like a
What is Black Hat SEO?
In a word: unethical.
It’s not that black hat SEO techniques aren’t effective. The goal is to get on the front page of Google search results as quickly as possible. Sounds good, right?
Unfortunately, that should never be your goal. Aggressive SEO does not result in a sustainable web presence. It costs a lot of money to have a quality website developed, so if you don’t want that investment to be wasted in vain please be patient and avoid shortcuts like:

professional— only to find out that your website is now blacklisted (will not show in search engine results) because your “professional” took a few shortcuts.
  • Building as many backlinks as possible, because it should increase your Page Rank (Google PR)
  • Using target keywords as much as possible throughout your web pages, meta data, and blog content.
  • Publishing a lot of content.
Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company | SEO Services | Search Engine MarketingThe common element with all black hat techniques—because they are aggressive strategies—is to focus on quantity.
It might feel like you are getting more for less. That’s why some confused providers will try to offer white hat SEO, yet still recommend the $5 article writers. On the contrary, you’re wasting more money and getting less because you are skipping over the most important thing: quality.
What is White Hat? SEO Techniques to Utilize…
Be patient.
White hat SEO may also use the same techniques (building links, incorporating keywords throughout your website, publishing content) but the focus is to put quality before quantity. It takes longer for search engines to appreciate the new quality websites. However, when you can prove that you are a quality website you will be kept in search results much longer than a flash in the pan junk site that has been overly optimized and holds no value to real people.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing

 The SEO vs. SEM conundrum is a balancing act for many small businesses. Understanding how these elements can benefit your marketing campaigns and what potential dangers exist is the first step toward creating a cohesive push.

Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company |  Search Engine Marketing | Local SEOUnderstanding the differences between SEO, or search engine optimization, vs. SEM, or search engine marketing, is very important when determining how to distribute marketing funds and key business resources. SEO is focused on organic search results — getting to the top of the list when a user searches for keywords related to your business. SEM revolves around choosing the right keywords to invest advertising dollars in when you want to appear in the paid search results on major search engines. Combining the two into one cohesive strategy can be exceptionally beneficial for your business.
Potential gains from SEO and SEM When you begin contemplating SEO vs. SEM, it's important to keep your desired results in mind. Both are means toward attracting customers, and use very different tactics to do so. SEO revolves around a focus on bringing your company's sales site in line with what search engines want. Google and other major engines are concerned with delivering the top content to users, and they tend to feature sites with clear navigation and easy-to-understand benefits for searchers. SEM relies on creating quick, clear advertisements and bidding on keywords that prospective customers will likely enter into search engines. Companies that focus on SEO vs. SEM should keep in mind that the benefits of both include increased conversion and click-through rates.

Some of the Latest and Greatest Search Engine Marketing Options
Organic search and paid search options lie at the heart of the SEO vs. SEM debate. New software regularly enters the market that can help you track your spending on both on-site SEO- and SEM-related ads. In addition, many SEO tools and tricks exist that can be used by proponents of both SEO and SEM to maximize results from search engine campaigns. Keeping companies at the top of the search results and the sponsored results on major engines is the focus of all these developments.

Potential Dangers and Unforeseen Expenses
Minneapolis SEO | Minneapolis SEO Company |  Search Engine Marketing | Local SEOStaying on top of search engine results can be an expensive endeavor. Google and its competitors constantly update their algorithms, which are the calculations that drive the engine, and a minor change can bury your site five or ten pages further down in the listings than before. Algorithm changes often mirror user behavior, and quality SEO requires your Webmaster to stay on top of what users want in the current marketplace. Unforeseen expenses can also arise if certain keywords that regularly drive traffic to your site through sponsored results become popular. Google, Bing and similar search engines rely on a bidding strategy, with those companies that pay more for appearances and clicks getting greater exposure. Bids can go through the roof, with costs tens to hundreds of times greater if news events or other circumstances drive up search traffic on keywords your company uses.

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