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Social Media SEO

There is a right way and a wrong way to display images online. Social Media is such a powerful force for getting your brand name and image out there why would you risk that? By not going the extra mile to add clean and properly sized images to your profiles you are risking a confused and inattentive consumer.

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Profile Image Sizes
For every social media site there is a set parameter of image properties to be utilized. And just doing a little bit of research can help set you apart from the competition if they are being lazy and sloppy about how they are presenting their brand on social media.  

There are 2 ways to go about setting up your profiles. You can do it in house that is either do it yourself or have an employee in charge of this or outsource it to a company that specializes in social media profiles and content. Once you have made that decision t is still up to a business owner to visit these profiles and make a judgment as to whether or not the proper images are being utilized that best convey a brands image and message.

As far knowing the proper image sizes to use there are typically user instructions on any of the given sites you are targeting there are also social media image guides that are easily searchable on Google, or Yahoo. Here is a great website with tons of info on a bunch of sites.

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Proper Image Sizes are Important

It is really important to keep your images clear and properly sized, it is also important to maintain similar images across the many sites you intend to utilize. Changing up images is not a great idea as it will confuse consumers and the very people you are trying to draw in. Keeping a consistent look across all platforms is very important to building your brand.

Whether or not you want to use your own image as an individual or a business logo or brand image is up to you. There is a lot of research that points towards more interaction when you display your headshot as a profile image, however if you have an established brand or semi established brand it is ok to utilize a logo in it’s place. If you are an insurance agent for instance and you work for a national company on a local level I suggest a personal Image vs. the Company logo. It will come across as more personalized and genuine.

Here are some basic social media sites and image sizes. For now we will just stick with profiles and header image sizes. We will get into ad’s and other areas at a later date.

Facebook  The large Background image should be 851x315
And your profile image should be 180x180

Twitter  The large Background image should be 1500x500
And your profile image should be 400x400

LinkedIn The large Background image should be 1500x500
And your profile image should be 500 x 500

You Tube The large Background image should be 2560 x 1440
And your channel icon should be 800 x 800

Again these are just a few of the most often utilized social media sites and there basic profile image sizes.

There are many ways to resize and save the proper images that you are going to need. Photoshop, Paintbrush Corel Draw all these or any photo resizer program can get you there. There are also a few great free online options as well like, webresizer, picresize, and imageresize to name a  few.

As always if you need help setting up or managing your social media site or sites contact a professional company like Results Business Marketing. We love to help businesses how to maximize their exposure on social media!

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 Minneapolis SEO, Local SEO, SEO Services, Mpls SEO, SEO Mn,

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