Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Internet Marketing, SEO for Local Businesses

Internet Marketing SEO for Local Businesses, S.E.O Martian

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Ninety-seven percent of consumers search for local businesses online. Most local companies depend upon various directories in order to promote themselves and be found. But there’s more to it than having a name, address, and telephone number on a local listing.

Your potential customers are searching in real time and want their results to be up to date.
You need to keep your product feed current, with as much information as possible to enhance your listing and impress your customers.

You should learn how to optimize local listings to ensure that your business wins the online search battle.

The three major local places you have to list your business are

*Google Places now better known as Google Plus
*Yahoo Local
*Bing Local

There are more than likely several more internet marketing listing places within your region or direct area but rest assured no matter what any slick sales person will try to sell you. These are free and they will account for the majority of places customers search for your business.

If you have any questions about how to get listed in these directories or if you simply don't have the time. Give us a call. We speak SEO and Internet Marketing English you can understand

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

SEO Martian Tricks and Treats

SEO tricks and treats

Don't be afraid of SEO. It doesn't require hocus pocus or a startling amount of money.
Treat your audience to an e-book, add great comments on high-traffic blogs that link back to you, or start a LinkedIn group.
Oh, the list is endless! So, don't get spooked. The more treats you offer, the more customers will knock on your door.

There are endless things you can do if you have the time.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SEO Keywords for more effective search.

Assessing the Actual Value of a Keyword for Effective SEO

As you ponder your potential list of keywords, you need to consider the actual value to your website.

If you create homemade crafts, for example, you’ll need to assess if phrases like “Custom Crafts” or “Custom arts and crafts” have more value to your business. To do this, you first consider what brings you the most revenue.

I once worked with a woman that sold crafts making supplies for various crafts projects.. She spent scads of time creating keywords for “crochet tools” and “knitting tools”, but when we assessed her sales, it turns out 75% of all supplies sold were for scrapbook makers, and that people generally searched for “scrapbooking products” and related terms.

She has since revamped her business to only deal with scrapbookers – and that, in turn, is now her sole keyword strategy. She simplified based on value, and thus substantially boosted her success.

Sometimes we want to promote our favorite ideas but what really matters is what the customer wants to purchase.

If you would like to boost your web's exposure we can help, we start with a free evaluation of your site!!

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